9 ways to know that you want to go further with someone

9 ways to know that you want to go further with someone

When it’s about feelings, you can quickly get tangled up. Do I really want to go further with this person? Yes, no, maybe… And we can change our minds depending on the behavior of the person and the events we are going through. Without forgetting that our heart and our brain are engaged in a ruthless war to know the right choice to make… So we suggest that you see more clearly in your feelings to move forward or not with this person.

Falling in love is one of the strangest and most wonderful things a human being can experience. And while it’s different for everyone, there are common thoughts and feelings that can help people identify when it’s happening.

You might be experiencing one of the obvious indicators — like not being able to think of anyone or anything other than that person — or the signs might be more obscure. So if you see this person regularly, that you like him, but you are not sure of the nature of your feelings… Here is 9 signs that show that you want to go further with a person :

1. You feel the need to look at each other

When we feel the need to look intensely at a person, it is very often a love sign. Eye contact is very important, and various studies have already shown that couples who looked into each other’s eyes felt more in love than those who did not have eye contact. And if you try the experiment of looking strangers in the eye for several minutes, you will start to feel romantic feelings for the other.

2. You love spending time with each other

When you are in the beginning phase where everything is beautiful and rosy, everything the other person does and says is great. You will also notice that it is often difficult to know what could go wrong with the other, we find few or no faults. Admittedly, this phase is to be lived fully and is part of thestate of love but don’t let yourself be blinded… A study by the University of Warsaw also shows that having feelings towards someone means that we tend to overestimate the person.

3. You feel fully happy

Various studies have shown that the brain of a person who fall in love is about the same as that of a person who has taken cocaine. Why ? Because the feelings of love releases dopamine, the happiness hormone.

4. You think about this person very often

Whether it’s at work, when you’re with friends or family, you regularly find yourself thinking about this person. Indeed, the brain releases phenylethylamines, which are neurotransmitters, and this results in an incredible infatuation for the person for whom you have feelings.

5. You resist your feelings

For some people, resistance often hideslove. It can happen that we tell ourselves that the other is not a person for us, that she does not correspond to us, and many other false excuses or reasons. This resistance is present because it is due to the fact that one is afraid of suffering by engaging in a relationship. We can have little that the relationship does not work, that it is a source of conflict, sadness and rupture. But to fall in love involves taking risks…

6. You think about the happiness of the other

When love points the tip of his nose, we put the happiness of the other and his desires before ours. Here it is not a question of obeying the finger and the eye of the other person but of making the life of the other person more pleasant and sweet. For a healthy love and compassionate, thinking about the happiness of the other is essential and is part of the love equation, because it shows that we are ready to leave our comfort zone to reach out to the other.

7. You try new things

You may discover sudden interests in each other’s passions. Various studies have shown that the romantic feelings can change our personality. It is therefore not surprising that many people at the start of a relationship try new activities, in particular to impress the other and to surpass themselves. Oh, love..

8. You feel more stressed around him.

Even if he’love fact that we are on a small cloud, the fact of to fall in love causes the brain to release cortisol, which is the stress hormone. You can therefore also develop physical symptoms of anxiety, and therefore you can sweat, feel more stress for no apparent reason.

9. You always laugh by her side

It’s very easy to laugh with this person when you’re around them. You tease each other, you make jokes, and you laugh together very often. Being by his side is very simple.

As you will have understood, certain signs do not deceive when it comes to love relationship. It’s not just about friendship if you’re happy around that person, that you feel attraction and empathy for the other person.

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