Zero contact with your ex, does it really work?

Zero contact with your ex, does it really work?

When relationship breakdown, many of us wonder what is the best way to forget about the person and move on. In many cases, zero contact with your ex is the most effective method of leaving all your love for that person behind. We tell you how to do it and if it really works.

What is zero contact?

How can you imagine zero contact with your ex, it is precisely to cut off all lines of communication with this person. In this way, the contact between you must disappear completely at least during the first months.

the zero contact works if applied strictly and it also alleviates all the symptoms of a breakup with a person. Although leaving a relationship behind is a difficult process to assimilate, the reality is that zero contact will be the best option to forget the love that still exists between the two of you.

Does zero contact work?

It is very possible that the first thing you wonder is whether zero contact in psychology is proven to work. The answer is that it depends on the attitude and effort behind the predisposition to use the zero contact with your ex.

The reason why you should use the 0 contacts with your ex is precisely because most partners who come back after a breakup tend not to work out. You should also use this method not as a reverse psychology strategy to get your ex back, but as a way to forget about that person and the damage separation creates.

The advantages of zero contact

Use the zero contact with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend brings you a series of benefits that will make this moment less bitter. In this way, total zero contact with the person you broke up with will benefit you in what follows.

    • It will give you time to heal

Don’t keep no contact and don’t call your ex works in several ways. Leaving the bond will allow you to move forward on yourself and you can focus on other aspects than thoughts of the relationship you just lost. To make Zero Emotional Contact effective, you can try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new hobbies that you haven’t dared to take up before.

    • You can reflect on your life

the total zero contact will allow you to see the relationship you had with your ex from another angle. So much so that on many occasions you will be able to see what your failures have been and how to remedy them to improve subsequent relationships and your own interior.

    • It will help you regain control

Not calling your ex works because it allows you to put priorities in your life that will get you back in control. Sometimes the pain of losing someone causes us to act in ways where we hurt ourselves more than we imagined.

    • Avoid excessive negative thoughts

To control your mind and all the negative thoughts that will come to you because of the separation with your ex, zero contact will allow you to make them less present. Many people try to get the person back, but in reality this attitude makes you feel even worse due to the illusion of getting back with the person.

    • You will regain your self-esteem

Utilize zero contact with your ex will allow you to rebuild the self-esteem that has been cracked in your relationship. In many cases, after zero contact, you will feel much better without the person around you. Or you can even afford to rekindle a friendship with your ex since you don’t want anything from him.

Going through a breakup is a difficult process for anyone. Even then, not having contact with your ex may be impossible for you. In these cases, you can always count on the help of a professional psychologist.

How to apply zero contact?

It is possible that after a separation with someone, you want to be one of those partners who come back after a breakup. The reality is that ending a relationship ultimately means it can’t work. Therefore, not making any contact from your ex will be a good decision. According to psychologists, you can apply it with these tips:

1. Admit the reality of the breakup

Sometimes the most complicated thing about leaving a relationship is precisely eliminating from our brain that we will come back to this person. You don’t have to wonder how long our ex will take to regret this decision or how to bring someone back into our everyday lives. You have to accept what happened and that’s a good way to start zero contact with that person.

2. Accept painful emotions

Achieving zero contact can make you feel bad about the situation. The key to not communicating with your ex is precisely to accept these emotions. Cry all you need to and tell your friends and family about your feelings. Suppressing your emotions will only hurt you more.

3. Eliminate good memories

Remembering the happy past with your partner will only create more pain for you. Although these thoughts are very likely to come to mind constantly, it is essential that you try to leave these memories behind and focus on the present or the future. After zero contact, you will be able to recover these memories even if you will no longer see them with the same eyes.

4. Delete your ex’s contact

To establish the emotional zero contact, you need to make sure that you have no way to communicate with your ex-partner. Therefore, it will be essential to try to eliminate everything that refers to the person. You can always leave the photos for other people so you don’t have to erase all those memories.

5. Stop blaming yourself

Many times when someone leaves us, we try to visualize if we were to blame. Having these feelings of guilt will only make your situation worse. It is for this reason that zero contact must also take place at the level of your own thoughts. try replace every picture of your old partner by a new challenge or goal that you have set for yourself in your future.

6. Write down your feelings

Sometimes the best way to deal with our feelings after a breakup is precisely through words. This way you can indicate what you are feeling and the process you need to follow to end those thoughts that are blocking you in this situation. Writing down what you think can help you set aside any actions or implications related to the contacting your ex-partner.

7. Enjoy

Start by trying to do what you love in your everyday life and try to enjoy your free time without a partner. Now is the best time to experiment with new hobbies and get out of your most comfortable zone.

The key for get out of a breakup even more enhanced by zero contact is precisely to distract the mind from thinking about our ex. Zero contact doesn’t work if you don’t get involved and try to advance your inner evolution. As you well know, there are many tricks that will allow us to emerge stronger from a failed relationship.

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