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If your child no longer appreciates bath time, we explain what you can do to transform this moment into a moment of calm and harmony. Take note !

You may have imagined before you had your baby that he would love bath time and that it would be a wonderful time for both of you. However, this is not always so. There are children who do not find the bath pleasant and even less fun. Therefore, we are going to tell you about some tricks so that he ends up loving this moment.

At bath time, when you manage to make it enjoyable, you achieve a wonderful connection and complicity with the baby or child. But if you can’t, it can turn into a battlefield where screaming and crying are the order of the day. We don’t think that’s what you really want in your life.

bath time

When bath time comes, you have to know that it must be done on a daily basis, that is to say that the child must know it and expect what will happen. It is important that the little one feels comfortable and happy. He must understand, over time, that hygiene is necessary and important to all people. Moreover, if his autonomy is reinforced, he will feel even happier.

Also, it may happen that over time, this moment does not interest him as much for various reasons, whether it is because he wants go play, because he doesn’t want to be cold or simply because he doesn’t feel like it anymore. Although since childhood he enjoyed bath time because it meant playing with water and blowing on foam.

It is essential to know the reasons why the child no longer wants to bathe as before. In this way, we can find a solution to make this moment pleasant again.

Why doesn’t my child want to take a bath?

As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, there can be many reasons why a child does not want to take a bath. What really matters is knowing what to do to change this situation and make him feel this good feeling at such an important time in his day. However, to find solutions, you first have to find out why he doesn’t want to spend so much time in the bath anymore. Here are some possible explanations:

  • He is at the denial stage. The child wants to show that he is a separate being from his parents and refuses to comply with rules and orders.
  • He remembers a bad experience. Maybe one day he injured himself in the bath, the water burned him or was very cold, or he pooped and was scared of what he saw floating in the bath. ‘water.
  • He doesn’t want to stop playing. Another option is that your child is so happy with the game or activity they’re doing right now that they just don’t want to stop!

What can you do ?

Getting the little one to enjoy the bath is not an easy task, but there are some strategies you can apply to achieve this. Discover them.

Don’t lose your cool

If your young child does not want to take a bath, then you will have to face the situation without getting upset. You will always get best results by acting with calm and love. Only then will you be able to realize that your little one will gradually resume his bath without saying no to everything.

Keep a daily routine

As you always have, maintain this routine where bath time is just as important as sitting down to eat. If needed, you can create a visual schedule of the day so your child knows what’s happening at what time.

Let him know it’s bath time

If he is immersed in an activity, tell him it will soon be bath time. You can negotiate time limits, like letting him play for 5 more minutes, but once that time has passed, he will have to go take a bath.

Foaming the tub, putting on music he likes, or giving him toys are good options for the little one to enjoy bath time.

Never force it!

If your child is in the denial stage and does not want to take a bath, you must use the visual schedule to make him understand that he has to wash up and that there is no other option. It is not a question of discussing but ofexplain the importance of hygiene and that it is not something to be postponed.

However, never force him into the tub. You have to wait until he relaxes emotionally and is receptive to be able to do this gradually. Let him gradually familiarize himself with the water until he feels completely comfortable.

Put on some music, foam up, sing her a song or anything else that you think will make bath time enjoyable would be a good idea. You know your child and you probably understand why he doesn’t want to take a bath. You will surely know how to change his mind and give him a good time.

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