baby food allergies

Ouch! Babe looks good to you sensitive when the time comes for digestion. He squirms in all directions after eating, struggles to sleep and has diarrhea. Moreover, for some time; you noticed that it had small patches ofeczema and that his breathing was not always peaceful and regular. And if he was the victim offood allergy ?

Do not panic ! If food allergies regularly affect babies and toddlers, various simple ways can be put in place to solve all this mess and soothe your loulou. Your motto when it comes to food allergies: “prevention is better than cure”! First reflex to adopt in case of suspected food allergy: fundamentally rethink the family diet. Lbaby food month by month, first, but also yours, if you are breastfeeding, or even about to give birth.

What to do once baby’s food allergy is established? To help you take care of Baby’s allergy to eggs, cow’s milk or peanutsthe editorial staff reviewed specific symptoms to each of these allergies as well as the treatments and preventive acts which are specific to them.

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