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Your 7-month-old baby is making a lot of progress every day and food diversification has (almost) no more secrets for him. Baby begins to chew and can therefore try to eat very small solid foods (grated for example). However, you may have to try several times before baby accepts a bite to eat. Indeed, Baby can still push it out of his mouth with his tongue (extrusion reflex). Go slowly, little by little. If the first solid foods are not for now, Baby will taste them soon.

What foods to give a 7 month old baby?

the baby’s diet at 7 months stays close to the one your child had at 6 months. The basis of his diet remains above all infant or breast milk, with at least half a liter per day. At 7 months, your child certainly begins to have his little food preferences and continues his food diversification: for several weeks now, you have introduced a certain number of new foods into his meals, including vegetables, animal or vegetable proteins or starchy foods. If you haven’t had the opportunity to introduce him to meat such as veal, duck or mutton, for example, or fish such as mackerel, sardines or trout, you can introduce them now. All fish can be added to a baby’s diet from 6 months. On the other hand, black pudding and game are not recommended before 1 year. Be sure to cook the meat and fish thoroughly and blend them. In terms of quantity, the ideal is to give Baby about 10 g of meat or fish per day.

To familiarize him more and more with the different textures and pieces, you can insert small pasta, such as vermicelli, or in alphabet, also semolina, well-cooked rice or pieces of minced meat, into his purees. You can also start giving Baby small pieces of grated raw apple if he accepts the pieces. Always remember to add fat (vegetable oil, type, olive oil, sunflower oil, butter) in his small dishes. A baby needs lipids for the proper development of his body and his brain. Don’t add no salt in baby formulas. For each new food, be sure to offer it alone to Baby in order to detect any allergic risks.

Baby food 7 months quantity of food

At 7 months, the amounts of food are traditionally the same as at 6 months.

Here is the baby food table 7 months of a typical day:

Morning : breast milk or bottle, 240 g of 2nd stage milk.

Midday : 150g puree, with vegetables +10g meat, fish or ¼ egg +100g fruit compote or breastmilk/2nd age if there is no protein in the main course.

To taste : milk intake + fruit. A yogurt or fromage blanc type dairy product and a homemade compote will do the trick.

Evening : a 240 g bottle or breast milk, accompanied by a vegetable purée if your little one is still hungry.

Baby food 7 months lunch recipes

Unlike the evening meal, which is rather light, the baby’s lunch between 6 and 8 months is more complete. The main course for lunch contains vegetables, meat or fish. To help you at prepare the best lunches for your little protege, the book Cook for Baby, by Clémence Maumeneoffers recipes that are out of the ordinary!

Here are a few :

– Mashed turkey blanquette style: 70g carrots; 50 g potato, 70 g Paris mushrooms, 10 g turkey, 1 little thyme, 1 teaspoon pasteurized fresh cream. (all mixed).

– Velouté of peas with zucchini and mint: 100 g zucchini + 60 g peas + 2 mint leaves + vegetable oil of your choice

– Baba-style eggplant ganoush : 1 eggplant, 1 clove of garlic, ½ lemon; 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 teaspoon sesame oil (all mixed).

What snacks for a 7 month old baby?

The snacks will depend on whether your child accepts the small pieces or not. If this is the case, you can already offer him fruit compotes that are milled and no longer perfectly smooth. Also give him very small pieces of ripe and tender fruit. If he still has his extrusion reflex, don’t panic, it will come. In this case, offer him the same snacks as when he was 6 months old, mixed purees, varying the fruits. Another alternative is also possible: breast milk or a 240 g bottle and a raw fruit mixed and eaten with a spoon

here are some snack ideas for a 7 month old baby :

– compote apple-strawberry Mint-flavoured : +1 mint leaf

– compote apple pear cinnamon

– Pineapple compote with coconut: 125 g pineapple, 1 apple, 1 teaspoon grated coconut.

– Cream of rice pudding with apple: 10 g round rice +180 breast or infant milk +100 g applesauce (mix everything finely).

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