Testimonial: "I got married pregnant"

Testimonial: “I got married pregnant”

“My friend proposed to me on January 1, 2008 and we had planned to celebrate it in July of the same year. We were trying to have a baby, but since it could take time, we said to ourselves: ‘this will happen when it wants!’ Three weeks later I was pregnant and out of the question to cancel the wedding!

Getting married pregnant is a real problem especially for the purchase of the dress! As early as January, I started looking at wedding dress stores, websites, etc. I immediately fell for a magnificent princess dress, but I couldn’t put on weight… So I gave up!
I had to find a dress in which my belly wouldn’t be in the way, I think that’s when I had to have a blockage… Months passed and my belly didn’t round out not. My baby was small and I had little amniotic fluid. Result: I went to the hospital every week to check the evolution. I was very worried that my belly wouldn’t grow, but at the time I didn’t think it had anything to do with marriage.

Finally, I found a beautiful dress, with the added bonus of an alteration package. I jumped at the chance, warned the sellers that I was pregnant and therefore needed to plan for the margin.
On D-Day, I got into my wedding dress without any problem and without alterations thanks to my little belly, but as the day went on, my belly started to round up. The next day, everyone was surprised to FINALLY see my pregnant belly.

The following week I went to the hospital for my weekly follow-up and the midwife told me that my little flea still had a little weight, but that she had caught up well with the curves and that the amniotic fluid had Reaches a normal threshold.
I was so stressed out not being able to fit into my wedding dress that my belly unconsciously refused to grow! It’s surprising to see how the psychic can act on our body! I didn’t think that the stress of the wedding could affect my baby and I regret it today, even though my daughter is doing wonderfully. Knowing that I could have lost her ‘because of marriage’ sends shivers down my spine.

My advice for future pregnant brides: plan something to snack on to avoid discomfort! (personally, the chouquettes allowed me not to fall).
I also recommend that they unburden themselves a little in the different stages of the marriage, not to say ‘no’ to the various aids offered, to listen to both their heart (for the marriage) and their body (for the baby) and to stay zen. I also recommend combining the two events in the organization of the wedding and why not wink at the end of the cabbage that will arrive to make it ‘participate’ in the festivities with animation games related to the pregnancy, motherhood, etc.”

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