She blames her friends who just had a baby for not telling them they wouldn't be at her wedding

She blames her friends who just had a baby for not telling them they wouldn’t be at her wedding

When you have just had a baby, the priority is to take care of him but also to take time for yourself, to get used to this new life. Young parents therefore sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on anything other than the child, and this is quite normal. However, telling loved ones that they won’t be seeing them or when they’re canceling something seems like a no-brainer. But not for everyone, according to the story of a woman on the Mumsnet forum. This one is angry with his friend and his wife for not having warned that they would not be there at his wedding.

The couple had said they would be present

Woman Who Got Married A Few Weeks Ago Says Boyfriend And Fiancée RSVPed. “She was due 3 or 4 weeks before the wedding and the baby was invited but he said they would see how they felt about bringing the baby. When they confirmed they were coming I told them that ‘there was no problem if things changed after the baby arrived, etc’explains the bride.

The baby points the tip of his nose, everyone is healthy, and the bride explains: “Since they didn’t mention the wedding, I thought they were providing.” “Three days before I come to the news to see if the baby is coming and my friend replies that actually it’s too much for them right now and they won’t come. Am I abusing thinking that it’s rude to tell us at the last minute, and only because I asked them they were on the table plan and we had paid for their meal etc. […] Is it just that when you have a baby everything seems trivial?”asks this woman.

Young parents should have warned

“That was rude. I’m surprised she agreed to go to a wedding 3 or 4 weeks after the baby was born. They should have been honest from the start”responds a mom from the forum. “It was rude not to get involved”, “Having a baby is no excuse for not even bothering to communicate about something so important”confirming other Internet users, while the author of the original post specifies: “It doesn’t bother me that they didn’t come, I understand why. It’s the fact that they didn’t say anything until I asked them.”

Some forum members agree on this point, but also point out that young parents sometimes find it difficult to think of anything other than their newborn. “Is it possible they were completely forgotten? I forgot about my OWN wedding which was seven weeks after my baby was born until my friend reminded me!”, a mother explains. Another abounds: “Yes, that was rude of them. I imagine they were really hoping they could come but realized it would be too difficult when the date was approaching. It’s a shame because babies can travel easily in the reasonable measure, but if he wasn’t sleeping much at the time or she was still recovering [de l’accouchement] it would have been difficult. I think if they’re good friends you should forgive them, maybe they were caught in the ‘baby whirlwind’.”

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