Properly store food during the heat wave

In summer, when temperatures rise, preserve food freshness becomes a real challenge in the kitchen! The cold chain is essential for the proper preservation of food, breaking it can have more or less serious consequences on health. Indeed, preparing good meals for the whole family with poorly preserved food can cause diarrhea, indigestion and food poisoning.

How to store food in hot weather

As soon as the heat begins to be felt, follow several rules:

  1. back from shopping, put fresh food in your refrigerator without delay,
  2. avoid opening your fridge repeatedly, several times in a row,
  3. rather than letting your food thaw at room temperature, let it thaw in the fridge,
  4. in order to preserve breast milk, you can freeze it at a temperature of -18°C in the frozen compartment.

How to maintain your refrigerator?

The fridge is a centerpiece in the kitchen. It is installed according to several criteria in order to keep it in good working order “Preferably, avoid positioning your refrigerator near heat sources such as the oven or near the hob. Do not place it too close to the wall he back of your fridge, it needs to be well ventilated: in hot weather, the motor of your fridge is more stressed in order to produce and maintain the cold inside!Similarly, if you have your fridge near a wall, make sure you can fully open the door so that you can pull out the drawers, shelves and other accessories easily. engine once a year and clean the door seals to make sure the doors are tight. How to check that your seals are still operational? Close the door on a sheet of paper. If you manage to remove it without force, the seals have to be changed! ” informs us Lucas Troestler, cold product manager at Beko.

Frost ? The enemy of the fridge.”With an appliance with brewed cold, the freezer creates frost which will have to be defrosted manually and, preferably, regularly. In fact, when the frost reaches 3 mm in thickness, the consumption of device increases by 30%” emphasizes Lucas Troestler, concerned about unnecessary energy expenditure. It is therefore necessary to regularly remove the frost from the refrigerator with a plastic squeegee or a sponge soaked in hot water. Sharp objects to perform this task are to be avoided, they could damage the fridge.

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