Marriage, essential before having a baby?

Marriage, essential before having a baby?

Marriage and baby: a child is a bond for life
“I don’t think the weddingor PACS, an essential step before have a baby. In my opinion, becoming parents unites a couple just as much as getting married, if not more. Indeed, a contract can be broken, whereas a baby is for life!

Marriage and baby: rather after the baby, the wedding
“My partner and I didn’t particularly want to get married before becoming parents. When we learned that I was pregnant, our vision of things completely changed. We wanted to form a “real family” and all three have the same name. We got married when I was seven months pregnant. In my opinion, having a baby before becoming parents can make the relationship evaluate towards marriage.

Wedding and baby: my little girl will be my bridesmaid
“We have been in a relationship for nine years, neither married nor in a PACS, and Parents of a little girl, who today is 5 months old. We would like to get married when our princess is 2 or 3 years old, so that she joins the party and becomes our bridesmaid !”

Marriage and baby: it’s not linked!
“My spouse and I are PACS in 2006. We became Parents of a little boy in 2009, and we marriedin 2010. We did not follow any particular order. We haven’t planned anything based on the birth of our child!”

Marriage and baby: marriage is the pillar of a home
“We absolutely had to get married before conceiving a child . For us, the weddingrepresents the pillar of a home.”

Wedding and baby: nature has decided for us
“Making a baby before or after marriage is a personal choice, which depends on each person’s situation . For my part, I did not want to become a mother without being married. I didn’t wish have a different name than my child. My man, on the other hand, really wanted a baby.So I changed my mind about him, but I didn’t get pregnant right away and my spouse asked me to marry him. Finally, we learned of my pregnancy a month and a half after getting married!”

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