6 tips to save money on planning your wedding

6 tips to save money on planning your wedding

If getting married at the town hall is free, what costs the future spouses the most is the party that follows! However, it’s not easy to find ways to reduce the bill except to reduce the number of invitations at the risk of forgetting a person who is dear to us. The good news: by being resourceful and willing to pitch in, it’s entirely possible to make considerable savings while ensuring that everyone is having a great time.

Off-season wedding planner

If the preferred wedding day remains Saturday, reception venues generally charge less for weekday rentals, sometimes even for Sunday. Of course, it is less obvious to gather your loved ones during the necessary days, but it is enough to choose a date followed by a public holiday. On the other hand, avoid the high season, that is to say the months of July and August, so you pay more. Everyone dreams of sunny weather for the most beautiful day of their life, but from mid-June, the conditions have nothing to envy those of the summer months. Another positive point if you opt for this time of year, your wedding will not take place in the heat wave which will save you a lot of problems. Especially since this way you can also treat yourself to a honeymoon at a low price without falling into the period of major departures.

Reduce the catering budget

One of the most important expenses of a wedding is that of the caterer. Or, if you want everyone to have a great night out, you have to feed and water them well! Multiplied by the number of invitations, the bill can quickly turn out to be steep. If it would be a shame to review the decline in the quality of services, you could not save staff. Instead of hiring waiters, all you have to do is organize a giant buffet, and provide dishes so that everyone can help themselves. Another advantage in addition to its price: user-friendliness. Unlike the solemnity of a dinner served at the table, the buffet encourages exchanges and the weaving of new encounters. As for the wedding cake, the price of which can reach more than 1000€, here again, all you need to do is show a little ingenuity. Instead of offering an extremely complex cake that is often more beautiful than good, ask the caterer to prepare simpler, but very tasty desserts!

Choose a ceremony location that lets you choose your provider

Some ceremony venues offer all-inclusive packages for weddings, that is, with caterer, decorator, DJ, bartender and photographer. If such a formula can save you stress, it will not do your wallet any good and that’s for sure! On the other hand, if you approach all these beneficiaries on your own, you could not only come across nuggets, but also benefit from more attractive rates. Do not hesitate to help those around you. There are certainly around you people doubled in photography, make-up or hairdressing who will be delighted to give you a little help! A student or a simple enthusiast can sometimes do wonders!

Rent rather than buy decoration

If the simplest decoration is to opt for a room that naturally has character, it is still certain that you will need personalization in one way or another. There’s nothing sadder than a pristine white room with no frills! If you are good at DIY and have the time to use it, making your own decoration from recycled objects will save you a lot of money, but if not, you will have to free up some budget. But why bother buying your wedding decoration knowing that a priori it will only serve you once in your life? Today, in the face of growing demand, everything can be rented! A wedding arch, decoration for the room, furniture, tableware, and even down to the smallest detail such as napkin rings or candle holders. By contacting a company specializing in decoration rental, not only can you benefit from low prices, but what is more, from the support of professionals for whom decoration has no secrets.

Buy a second-hand wedding dress and outfits

If you have a very small budget and you are sensitive to the ecological impact of your wedding, you can also rent the outfits, at least the accessories and the witnesses’ clothes if you absolutely want to keep your dress. Most rental companies offer a wide choice of models to allow you to be radiant on D-Day. Rental does not tempt you? You can always buy a second-hand dress on platforms like Vinted or Vestiaire collective. Some beautiful pieces in excellent condition trade for less than €100. And if the wedding dress or outfit has a sacred dimension for you and you absolutely want something new without breaking the bank, don’t panic, that’s possible too. Scour prom dress stores and more generally ready-to-wear stores. It’s up to you to find a basic piece, but with potential for improvement, then take it to a retoucher who may be enough to transform it into a real wedding dress!

Make reservations well in advance

Once the engagement is done, it is often tempting to quickly find a ceremony room and gather all your loved ones to celebrate your wedding with dignity! But rushing, in addition to the stress it can cause, comes at a cost. In fact, if you do it one or even two days in advance, you have plenty of time to scour the best offers, visit different ceremonial halls, compare the rates of service providers and also take advantage of the one-off reductions offered by the companies for the printing of your announcements. Another positive point, you will be able to put aside more of what will give you the impression of being less dependent on your budget!

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